It's not theirs to speculate.

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"When there are hurtful times and sad times, I’ve come to find that there is no one else but these nine people here. Even really close oppas or manager oppas..if they’re not in SNSD, no one really knows and understands. There were so many times like that and I wish that there will be no more times of hurt and sadness that brings us to tears… I love you, our SNSD." - Taeyeon

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  • SM: Jessica's leaving SNSD
  • Krystal: ay ay ay ay ay wait a minute

SM Press Release Summary:


  • SM was informed by Jessica that she will terminate all team activities after completing activities for the last album, this spring.
  • SM and members were shocked, but they continued to work normally for the team’s interest.
  • Jessica struggled to manage the clash…

Leaving or not, victim or not, you have a special place in my heart. No matter what anyone says, I will stick by your side and support whatever you choose to do as a career choice. You are in so much pain right now and I want you to recover from this and come back strong. Love you always Jessica Jung ♡

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Let’s get this straight cause it seems so EXO-L don’t understand. This is Luhan. Anyone that knows Luhan OR even glances at a picture of him knows this is Luhan. What the fuck, why can’t you accept EXO still supports WYF? Just cause’ you don’t see his whole face, you FUCKING KNOW this is Luhan. You just don’t want to believe the truth. 

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